Customer Comment – Jeff Norman, GySgt USMC Ret

5 Stars!

I got so fed up with I-25 road noise and Jake brakes at 4 a.m. that I sought out a company that makes sound proof windows… not easy, as there aren’t many manufacturers with any longetivity, and NONE I could find that service my town of Castle Rock, CO.

My upper deck sliding door, although top of the line Anderson Renewal, was letting quite a bit of noise in, so my problem was not just finding sound proof WINDOWS, but a sound proof SLIDING DOOR solution.

After quite a bit of research I found this company, Soundproof Windows… now, I’m certainly not a pro window/door installer, so of course I had a LOT of concerns… after a few weeks of my endless phone and email “interrogations” with their infinitely patient, non-pushy sales rep, Jim Rego, I pulled the trigger. They make ALL kinds of custom windows, but this particular product simply flush mounts on the inside perimeter of the existing sliding door, essentially giving me two attractive sliding doors to shield against the unwanted traffic noise… my wife and I installed it yesterday in one afternoon.

All I can say is in just one day my life has taken a huge jump in quality of life, knowing I no longer have to deal with the early morning/late night hogs, semi’s and crotch rockets on nearby I-25.

If you’re also having trouble getting some peace due to the proximity of the traffic nearby, you might give them a look.

I can attest that their communication, customer service from Becky, the packing, and product quality is all first rate, and I now count my fellow vet Jim Rego as more of my new on-line friend than my salesman!