A soundproofing idea whose time has come!

We started our company because no one else offered a decent soundproofing window, and we had a sound problem at our own home. We discovered that dual paned windows were woefully inadequate at stopping sound. Having been in the window business for many years in the past and having an engineering background, we set out to tackle the noise problem.

After extensive research, many attempts and thorough testing, we finally designed a very effective window. Tests in and out of the lab were successful, and showed our design to be more than ten times better than dual paned windows. Field installations proved it reduced sound by 75-100%. We couldn’t find any other company that could match our lab results. We had something that actually worked!!!

We started Soundproof Windows in 1998. The supplier of most of our components for making our windows has been in business since 1950 (but never made soundproofing windows!). We are a sound and stable company, growing strong, viable and here to stay.

The president and founder of Soundproof Windows

We stand behind our products with pride! We guarantee our windows for five years against defects in materials and workmanship.

We have lab results to show how effective our windows are, and can provide references upon request.

While we can talk specifications and technical stuff all day long, we try very hard to make it easy for non-engineers to understand why and how our windows really work, and why most other windows only do a mediocre job at best.

We encourage and look forward to any feedback you may have regarding our windows, our website or other questions you may have. Please feel free to complete our visitor survey.

Thank you for listening,

Randall Brown
Soundproof Windows, Inc.