What Is the Ideal Hotel Window?

hotel window graphicAs populations continue to grow, especially in urban sectors, noise pollution also continues to grow. Casino hotels, resort casinos, and standard hotels across the world are tasked with designing rooms optimized for comfort, security, and functionality. Savvy room designers must consider which bed and bedding to purchase, which carpet or flooring, which drapes or blinds, which windows, which televisions, which refrigerators, which microwaves, which sinks, etc. As such, soundproof hotel rooms have become something for room designers to strive towards. One key component to the soundproofing of any room is the hotel window itself. In this article, we’ll examine what properties the ideal hotel window possesses.

Characteristics of the Ideal Hotel Window

While it may not be possible to address all of the following factors in deciding which hotel window is best, room designers should at least assign a level of priority to each of these factors.

  • How well does the window keep sound from leaving the room?

Window sound insulation is the primary function of sound reducing windows. The goal isn’t just to keep outside sounds from entering the room, but also to keep sounds from leaving the room. Room designers need to consider the sound preferences for all their guests, not just one of them. Part of mitigating sound for all the guests in a hotel is keep sounds produced in a given room from being heard in other rooms.

  • How well does the window keep sound from entering the room?

Here, too, you want the window to prevent unwanted sound, or noise pollution, from entering guest rooms. Big urban centers need to pay careful attention to this aspect of the hotel window. If construction is occurring on a property in a one block radius of a hotel, there is a good chance that guests will hear that construction if measures aren’t taken to insulate the room from unwanted sound. 

  • Does the window provide heating and cooling insultation?

If a hotel is going to invest in soundproof windows, they should also ask if the window in question will help save money on heating and cooling costs. Hotel guests are notorious for abusing the environmental controls in their rooms, so any measures the hotel can take against energy loss can save on the bottom line. Savings acquired via heating an cooling costs can be offered back to hotel guests for increased bookings. 

  • How easy is it to install the window? Sound proof installation procedures will vary company to company. Hotels should consider if installation of soundproof windows will require special equipment or post-installation cleaning.

Soundproof Windows offers windows for hotels that prevent sound from leaving a guest’s room; these windows also prevent unwanted sound from entering the room; these windows offer major savings on heating and cooling costs; finally, these windows are especially easy to install with little to no mess produced. Also notes that Soundproof Windows are approved for historical hotels! Contact us for a free quote!