Do You Have a Noise Problem?

Fix my noise problem.” We hear this often at Soundproof Windows. Through years of trial and error we have created a window that reduces the most amount of noise with as little installation needed as possible. Our experience indicates that 75% noise reduction is sufficient in most cases. The best window for noise reduction is a window that doesn’t force you to adjust the T.V. or raise voices in your home, and at Soundproof Studios, we have created just that.

Do you miss sleeping in? Having a quiet Sunday morning with your coffee and paper? Reduce the stress of noise pollution in your home with Soundproof Windows. We are company dedicated to getting you back to your life.

We Can Resolve Your Noise Problem, Guaranteed


As mentioned above, Soundproof Studios has determined that 75% noise reduction is more than sufficient to resolve noise problems, but, in the rare occasion that noise is still permeating the walls and windows, Soundproof Windows still has a solution. Soundproof Windows can install one of our recording studio quality windows and absolutely stop the problem, reducing the perceived noise levels beyond 95%. This is very seldom the case, but often times it’s the walls in your home or office that are adding to the noise problem.

Noise reduction percentages can be misleading, so let us help you understand STC Ratings and how easily statistics can throw you for a loop. Do not spend money on a product that will not solve your noise problem!

Soundproof Windows can do significantly more for significantly less cost, reducing your noise problem, and offering the highest STC Ratings on the market today. Sound Transmission Class (STC) is just an established way to average how much sound is stopped by something.

These ratings are used for windows, doors, walls, and most building materials. For windows, STC ratings range from 18-38. While Soundproof Windows cannot eliminate 100% of the noise in your home or office, our soundproof windows will reduce the noise more than any single-paned ‘soundproof’ window sold by our competitors.

In many cases less noise will be coming through the Soundproof Windows than the walls. Most walls have an STC of 43-48, and our windows have an STC of 48-54. Soundproof Windows can go even further, with a few extra tricks up our sleeves, and several things can be done to increase the window STC values even more.

If you have a noise problem, contact Soundproof Windows today and let one of our consultants walk you through our soundproofing process.