Do Soundproof Sliding Glass Doors Work?  

A Unique Addition to Any New Home

soundproof sliding glass doors

When our clients think of ‘soundproofing’ they think of it as a very involved process that will take quite a bit of time and construction. Let us be the first to tell you, that no, it does not! We have been working for years to perfect the seamless soundproofing product that we have today and our STC ratings are there to prove it.

Soundproof Windows offers custom soundproof sliding glass doors that are just as effective as soundproof windows. Like our soundproof windows model, we add a second sliding glass door that does even more to meet your soundproofing needs and security.

Soundproof sliding glass doors can be mounted as an addition to the inside or outside of your pre-existing sliding glass doors. As an added bonus, if your sliding glass doors are in the part of your home that is mostly cold or drafty, our soundproof sliding doors will add insulation and keep drafts at bay as soon as the installation is completed. With summer at our heels, saving money on energy bills is on everyone’s radar.

Using a soundproof sliding glass door will reduce sound by 75% as well as insulate and provide a substantial amount more safety to your residence. Soundproof sliding glass doors use laminated glass that is substantially stronger than the typical, tempered glass that is used with the average sliding glass door. Laminated glass is very difficult to break through and the noise alone to break laminated glass is deafening, which can stave off potential intruders.

Soundproof Windows offers sliding glass doors in white, aluminum and brown, but other custom colors are available as well. Our goal at Soundproof Windows is to provide an incredible service and product that will conveniently meet the needs of your home or HOA.

When you are comparing how effective a window is at stopping sound, the STC rating is used (Sound Transmission Class). The higher the number, the more sound is being stopped. A typical window’s STC is 26 – 28, a dual window from Soundproof Windows is anywhere from 48 – 52, and in most cases even higher. It is very important that you are getting complete information when comparing windows to confirm the STC numbers, and if you decide to go with Soundproof, we can ensure that we will let you know exactly what work is being performed and will test your installation before calling the project complete.

Don’t delay, speak with one of our talented and knowledgeable representatives today and let’s reduce the noise so you can get back to life.