Soundproofing Studio Windows and Doors

Soundproof Recording Studio

Affordable Recording Studio Windows and Doors with World Record Highest STC Values

Professional recording studios and home recording studios can now benefit from our expertise in soundproofing with our new StudioMax™ Window and Door products. All our products hold world records for their high STC values.

Our recording studio windows and recording studio doors concentrate on reducing the low frequency sounds, which is typically the area where you need the most help. These new recording studio windows and recording studio doors have lab tested STCs in the 60s, which will match or exceed your wall STCs.

Using our breakthrough technologies on soundproofing and specially made laminated glass, we can provide your recording studio or home recording studio with superior soundproofing at an affordable price. Our recording studio and home recording studio windows and doors come in standard and custom sizes.

Lab Tests Proving STC Results

Review the test results and you will see that our low frequency values are even more impressive than our STC results for soundproofing.
Click here to download the brochure on our recording studio windows and recording studio doors, which also includes the lab test results.


Studio Sliding Glass Doors

Our sliding glass doors offer STC values of 65, making our doors as good as many recording studio walls.   Also available in multi-track telescoping configurations, our sliding glass doors perform better and are more economical than steel doors.

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Recording Studio Windows

Our studio windows offer STC values of 64. We offer many different options and configurations to address all of your various design requirements. Low-iron super clear (no green tint) glass is standard in all our windows and doors.

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Acoustic Steel Doors

Our recording studio acoustic steel doors have also set new world records for noise abatement. We get an STC of 56 while staying with the door industry standard thickness of 1.75”. Standard thickness means we can accommodate any door hardware!

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