Noise Reduction for Homes with Single Pane Windows

JR1-A-BeforeSingle pane windows do not stop that much noise. They are also usually old enough to leak air and allow noise into the house. Replacing your single pane window with a good quality dual pane window will reduce noise levels by up to 25%. However, if you do not choose the right style and glass thickness, the noise levels can actually go up instead of down.

If you have an historical home or have other reasons to not replace the windows, perhaps changing the thin glass to a thicker glass is also an option.

A more effective and better way to soundproof windows is to install a second set of windows. There are many ways to do this and the results can vary. Soundproof Windows is dedicated to offering the best soundproofing windows.

Our windows are highly effective noise reducing windows. Tests in and out of the lab show that our windows are ten times better than dual paned windows and reduce sound by 75-100%.For more information about our soundproofing products and services, contact Soundproof Windows today.