Interior Door Panels

Interior Door Panels

Our soundproofing glass panels are a great alternative to installing two doors, which sometimes is not a valid choice. While the soundproofing panels may not stop as much noise as a two-door system, they will be as good or better than a high-quality solid door. The glass in the existing doors can be a major noise leak and the soundproofing panels can resolve that defect. Significant noise problems may require additional measures, but the panels will resolve a major piece of it.

Soundproofing Panels Mounted on Interior French Doors

The soundproofing panels can be mounted on interior glass doors to help isolate a room from noise in other parts of the house. They are inconspicuous and won’t detract from the beauty of your existing doors.

Customer Comment on Soundproofing Glass Panels

One customer had this to say about our soundproofing glass panels:

“Having teenagers in the house made it hard for us all to have a relaxing Saturday night… after installing the soundproofing glass panels, we felt like we not only had a quiet area in which to relax, but the kids also had a good time because they wouldn’t be yelled at for making too much noise!”
    – Jennifer M., San Jose, California


Soundproofing Panels Mounted on Exterior French Doors

These soundproof glass panels can be mounted on exterior french doors where replacement is not feasible, for example in the case of historic homes. You will gain several advantages by doing this, such as reducing drafts and increasing the insulation values in addition to adding a larger degree of soundproofing.

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