Acoustical Steel Doors

Lake House Studios-54

Highest STC of Any Acoustical Door

We offer the highest STC of any 1.75″ door offered by any manufacturer in the world. Not just higher but 3+ points higher! Our award winning acoustic design is patent pending.


3 Cam Lift Hinges Standard (not just optional)

Other manufacturers offer two hinges as their standard. Our standard is three heavyweight capacity cam lift hinges (900# capacity). Three hinges should be mandatory for any acoustical door – because of weight, heavy traffic use, and long term maintenance. The cost difference is $150-200. Look at any building or home – can you find any doors with only two hinges?



Uses Off-the-Shelf Locksets and Hardware

Any standard door hardware can be used on our 1.75″ door.  No need for $700 special locksets. No need to use push/pull doors simply to avoid the expensive locksets. Our door is tested using a Home Depot lockset.



Wider Doors for Any Given Rough Opening Size

With a rough opening of 39.5″, all other acoustic door manufacturers will give you a clear opening width of 33.5″or less. We will give you a clear opening of 36.0″. Our doors are about 3 inches wider than other manufacturers when mounted into the same wall opening.



New Door Frame Design

Our unique slip-in door frame is extraordinarily simple and works best with a double studded wall. Do not short out the isolation between the two walls you spent money and effort building. We attach to one side of your opening – not both. All our door and window designs enhance the double studded walls by NOT connecting across the wall separation.



Custom Sizes are Our Standard

We can make our doors virtually any size.