Soundproof Windows Double as Storm Windows

Storm windows are usually installed as a cheap, economical, alternative to single pane windows. “Storm Windows” are installed on the outside of the single pane window (usually the primary house window). While you can opt for interior storm windows or exterior storm windows, like Soundproof Windows, storm windows are installed on already existing windows. Unlike Soundproof Windows, they do not prevent noise.


Soundproof Windows double as storm windows and window noise blockers.  A Soundproof Window will reduce noise levels by 75-95%. Our soundproof windows will reduce noise levels significantly which is not possible with dual pane or replacement windows. We can prove it!

Our experience indicates that 75% noise reduction is sufficient in almost all cases. Our customers feel the noise reduction is very significant – and definitely, enough to end the noise ‘problem’. No more need to raise voices or adjust TV volumes to tune out the noise.

Soundproof Windows pay for themselves. If you’re looking to reduce your energy costs, cut your window heating/cooling by 50%, or more, stop air infiltration, and further insulate your insulated windows, Soundproof Windows is the best choice for your windows.

If you are looking for storm windows for your home, why not choose a window that can do it all? Contact Soundproof Windows today.